Loves all types of dance, especially belly dance and Bollywood!

Halyma’s dance background started as a teenager. She loved to dance and growing up in the era of the first music videos being shown on television, she spent many hours watching those late 80’s clips and practicing her moves in the basement family room.

Her first lessons in dance came in school during gym class with square dancing, of all things!  It was fun, but needed a partner <sigh>.

Then came the first years in Fashion Design school in Ottawa, and ballroom dance lessons!  Again, fun and challenging, but a partner is really needed in order to progress!

After a few years, as her own design business,TAV Creations, took on a strong client base, she spent most of her time creating custom made wedding gowns, bridal party wear and the occasional medieval and other themed  costumes!  One day, while fitting a friend’s wedding dress, that friend kept shimmying and practicing isolations!  What was she doing? Belly dance. What fun!

Shortly thereafter, a love affair with belly dance started that still continues strongly today!  Halyma has been dancing to a middle eastern drum since 1995 and teaching since 1998!

An interesting note about some of the people who hire Halyma to come out and “belly dance”: they think it is from India.

What’s up with that?

Dunno, but it makes a dancer think, “Maybe, I can explore this other style of dance and find a connection there too!”

Orange silk sari - yum!Halyma’s journey into Gypsy, Classical Indian, Ghawazee, and more has taken her to workshops in Montreal with Hadia, Amrita Choudhoury, Jalila and more.  The influences connecting all of these dance forms is phenomenal and thoroughly engrossing!

Halyma has had the joy of working closely with the other Bollywood For Fun Dancers intensely for the past year.  Sharing the love of dance has brought them all together!  Halyma’s knack for nagging, and computer awareness, as well as being self-employed with more access to time to take care of the smaller details, she has taken on the role of Artistic Director.  But it is really only a title, as everyone comes together with vitality and energy, making the Bollywood For Fun Dancers such a great group of gals to hang with!

Check out Halyma’s youtube channel here!

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Ottawa's Bollywood Fusion Dance Group!