Deepali, having arrived in Ottawa in January 2011, found us, met us and joined us in the fun!  You can also check out here for her Live 2 Dance classes for full on Bollywood Fun!

A bit more about Deepali:

I have been dancing since I was just 3 years old. I started off dancing to the tunes of my mother, and by 10 when I got beyond her control…my father took over and gave me the tune to dance to. Around 15, I was dancing to the tune of my teachers at school… and so on. But all this while I continued dancing to the tunes of Shiamak Davar. I am glad, I have been able to preserve a few things that I have cherished as a kid (including my old torn blue jeans), one being: my passion for dance.

I don’t want to sound too self obsessed, and I swear I didn’t make this up. Once a girl actually came up to me and said “Ma’am you are the goddess of dance”. I wanted to go back in the past and record her sentence, make a small tape or something out of it, which I can hang around my neck all the time. And also put up the pictures of all the prizes I have bagged with the comments of each and every jury member. (And yet I don’t have an ego 😉

Jokes apart, I have been dancing for as long back as my memory takes me. After being trained in many dance forms, performing all over India, winning as many awards, I am here to spread the joy to as many dance lovers I possibly could. The vibrantly energetic, passionate and a motivated dancer in me never lets the desire, to distribute this bliss to all the dance lovers, die.

Here’s a short list of dance forms I am well versed with : Indo Jazz, Indian Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, and Bollywood.

You have to experience it to believe it, what fun can dance bring to your lives 🙂


Ottawa's Bollywood Fusion Dance Group!