Eurika’s introduction to the world of dance began at the tender age of 7 in an after school ballet program.  Her passion, thirst and dedication to experience all the forms of the dance allowed her to win her teacher over and move from soft slippers to pointe in a short amount of time.  Although Eurika stopped ballet classes when her family moved five years later, the dancer would not be lost.  Jazz, music videos and school dances kept the love of dance alive until her family finally planted roots in Ottawa.

Desiring to pick up dancing again, Eurika was soon invited, by her sister, to try out a belly dance class taught by Shadia.  Making it a family affair, Eurika, her mom and sister went that fateful night in 2001 to the
dance class.  Although her sister didn’t find the style of dance her thing, Eurika loved it and stayed on, along with her mom, to learn this wonderful dance form.  In the fall of 2001 Eurika performed for the first time with Shadia’s class in the show “For the Love of Dance,” a now annual event in the fall.  While she anted not to stop dancing, Eurika’s university schedule conflicted with her dance class and she had to push belly dancing aside for a few years.  In the interim, she took up some ballroom dancing which she also enjoyed.

In 2005 Eurika returned to the world of belly dancing attending classes, a variety of workshops (with fabulous and inspiring teachers), and performing whenever she gets the opportunity.  Her resolve is now to manage everything else around her passion for dance.

In 2008 she was invited to dance with Halyma and the Belly Dance for Fun Dancers, for a few belly dancing shows and was doubly excited when she received the invitation to perform Bollywood style dancing.  A quick study and a love of exploring new dance forms, especially one overlapping modern styles of bellydance, Eurika met this new challenge with heartfelt joy and a big smile.

As one of the founding members of Bollywood For Fun, she shines as our Lead Choreographer, helping shape the dance style the group presents with fun and flare!

Classical Indian in the mix!
Classical Indian in the mix!

Ottawa's Bollywood Fusion Dance Group!