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Do you love Bollywood dancing? Movies? Performing?  Then maybe there’s a place for you with Bollywood For Fun!


You might want to know a bit about us.

Bollywood For Fun began with 5 trained Belly dancers hired to replace a Bollywood group that had backed out last minute for a large corporate event. Pouring our hearts into creating an hour show gave us a real thrill and a desire to do more, with more time and less crazy pressure!

And so, Bollywood For Fun was formed with the mandate to  learn, explore, and perform our own creative fusion of Bollywood techniques and choreographies. The dancers of Bollywood For Fun are perpetual students of the dance, always seeking out new instructors, workshops and experiences that can improve  and inspire us. Fusing belly dance, tribal and other styles of dance into our own Bollywood For Fun routines, we seek dance as our creative outlet from our other professional careers.

For most of the group, dance is a part-time adventure, with a few of us more intensely involved than others, so the levels of commitment are varied and changing all the time.  Halyma and Eurika are also dance teachers and are called upon to instruct when we are hired for mini-workshops/teaching parties.  The other members will be called upon in the future as their own experience grows.

Our teachers have been our main choreographers, Eurika, Suhani, Farasha and Halyma putting in offerings on occasion and everyone else  adding their insight as choreographies develop.

Costuming is done in combination with Halyma’s sewing business and purchasing costume pieces on sale where possible, and is paid for by each member for their own pieces. A few generic pieces – saris mainly, have been purchased with proceeds from the BFF shared income.  A percentage from each paid performance goes into an account on behalf of the group to help assist in future workshops/ transportation costs/ etc.

Tell us a bit about you:

Please fill in the contact information below or email us at:


Please describe your dance experience – How many years, levels achieved, styles you have studied etc.

What is your interest in Bollywood? Movies? Music? Dance style? Costumes?

What attracted you to Bollywood For Fun?

What are you looking for in joining the group? Is your interest more in being a group dancer learning existing choreographies or being a soloist or guest dancer?

What kind of  time availability do you have?  Does your work schedule allow for flexibility or only certain days/time for rehearsals and shows?

Are you open to performing at unpaid/ promotional and/or charity gigs?

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