HAPPY Birthday to us!


Way back in December 2008, I was approached by an event co-ordinator who needed a replacement Bollywood dance group for an upcoming event.  Some quick emails and enthusiastic replies later, the  founding dancers came together to prepare in less than 2 weeks to provide an hour long show and lesson entertainment for the event.

We had a blast and decided to continue on the journey!  Thank you to Eurika, Shade, Vashti, and Shandarika for being willing participants in those first few months and years!

While our dancers have transitioned in and out of our circle of dance over these past few years, we love you all and Eurika and I are so pleased and proud to have worked with each of you.

We are also enthusiastically looking forward to more adventures with our present dance crew and hope to see you at some future events!


Bollywood For Fun co-founder.