Busy Dance weekend! Come on out to see us!

Such a busy week leading up to today that we hope you made it out to World Refuge Day yesterday in spite of us not reminding you!

And today:

While it’s a bit more bellydance oriented, some of our group will be warming up for our later performances by joining Halyma’s Belly Dancing For Fun Dancers as they cheer on the women who are running at Emilie’s Run.  It’s a fun, outdoors run that we have been part of the colourful cheering squad for a few years now and we love it!

After that, we head off eastbound to the Blackburn Hamlet branch of the Ottawa Public Library to join in their Celebration of Culture and we’ll be teaching anyone who comes out a little bit of fun moves!  So it will be a small safe but we’ll make it fun!

And finally, we head westbound, all the way to Andrew Hayden Park to dance on the half shell!  That white stage out there is so great- but it keeps us at a distance from our audience, so don’t be surprised if we are given enough time, that we’ll come right out to you if you attend the MSMF Picnic!

Then we rest!

For the next 4 weekends, you’ll find us dancing somewhere every Saturday and on the July 4-6 weekend both Friday and Sunday too!  Come find us and say hi!!