First year as part of the Ottawa Victoria Day Festival – weekend 1

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After a very busy evening the night before – waiting for the pro shots from the fundraiser – we were all happy that Sunday’s gig began at 6 p.m.

We met at Queen Julianna Park near Dow’s lake at about 5 p.m., having been very glad to see the rain hold off all day, and just hoping that it would continue to be kept at a distance.

Stages all have their own personality

As we approached the open air stage, I was very happy that I harass, insist and cajole the group into having hard soled shoes “just in case”. Fortunately Eurika has a good practical side, and her crazy sport shoes served the propose as it was really not a safe stage for bare feet, nor her adorable gold slippers that are way too dainty for particle board! I think the group has gotten used to me being a bit of a pain in the butt – and they still let me come out and play, so…

Even Deepali, who really is much happier with her tootsies au natural, was convinced that her cute red shoes would be better on her feet than off!

With a few twists of a screw driver and some gaffer tape, we made the stage as ready for us as we could, along with modifying the step that was provided.  I am nothing if not ready to take over and be rather pushy about what’s good for the gang, as best I can be given any situation’s limitations!

And changing rooms come in all shapes and sizes

So, we were presented with the back of a truck as our changing room – and I laid out everything I had brought  to make our situation workable –  and while it did not really offer complete privacy, it served our purposes just fine!  We were doing a lot of quick changes, so we had already discussed coming in “layers” so that we would be able to change in almost any situation.

Even though the suggestions was made to pull the door down to give us more privacy, that wasn’t gonna work – no light and too many quick in and outs to allow for safe up and down of the door…but it was a reasonable try.  and better than the Porta potty suggestion that apparently had been suggested by one person – so thanks KEN for the truck – it was great!

Go check out next weekend there for more shows – and the MIDWAY rides!!

And just to clarify, the Victoria Day Festival folk we met were helpful and great!

I think they are working with what they’ve got and are learning and adjusting as quickly as they can to loads of different needs presented to them at the last minute as each performing group arrives!  So kudos to the folks running the event – and I know they are already planning to make adjustments for next weekend’s shows!

Outdoor shows = Adventures with a smile and thinking on our feet!

Outdoor shows always present challenges for both the organizers and us.  The organizers often only have a limited budget/ resources and awareness of what really makes a safe and happy dance troupe.  And we cannot expect a lot from folks who are  perhaps used to working with singers or other entertainment that do not require the same specifics as we do.

But we do our best to be professional and adapt ourselves to what we get upon arrival, and try to only make simple requests to ensure we are able to do our best, bringing fun energy to the event.

Something all organizers should consider having on hand for any entertainers they are bringing in – even volunteer ones: WATER!!! It’s considerate, it’s often required by both folks who are speaking for their style of show and those of us who are physically active.  Seriously – it’s not that expensive and will make your people so much happier!  And keep them considering participating in your event again in the future.

So thanks to all of the charitable event organizers who try their best to make life as easy as possible for us when we come to perform.  Keep it up and we’ll keep coming out – we love to dance!

And for those looking to hire us, we need those the paid shows too – these help us afford costumes, practice time and keep us improving what we offer!