Super-heroines of World Hand Hygiene

World Hand Hygiene Day Teaser

In the days leading up to May 5th, International Hand Hygiene Day, Jason Tetro, akaThe Germ Guy, knew he needed help in leading the people of this amazing planet towards healthier lifestyles and cleaner hands.

Seeking the most colourful force he could, he called upon the women of Bollywood For Fun to help him spread his message of cleanliness! Then enjoining the support of Deb Canada, and the skills of Darner Media and a slew of extraordinary citizens, the escapades of #TeamHygiene began!

Saving people from everyday occurrences that could lead to the spreading of evil germ, Bollywood For Fun wishes you all a fabulous Hand Hygiene Day!

Beginning the week of May 9th, stay tuned for the full adventures of #TeamHygiene and in the meantime, enjoy this taste of things to come!


Twitter search #TeamHygiene for more info from Jason about the benefits of cleaning your hands and more!
World Hand Hygiene Day teaser